Pens & Lenses is simply  Visuals in Writing. It has been designed to match with my audience’s level of broad and wild imaginations, ranging from Fictitious Stories to Personal Opinions on sensitive issues.

Also, Podcasts are provided for every published story, with enough voice acting and sound effects to make you feel connected on the go!

Think there’s a story you would want to see in another genre, set in a different mood? Just say the word in the comments section and a Visual Representation in form of Short Monologues will be available to light it up.

The initial start-up idea  was to create a personal blog, where I could express my creativity in writing and at the same time, develop my writing skills.

However, for each long day and night I spent working hard to set up a suitable writing platform, I thought of my audience and I asked myself a lot of questions.

Who wants to see another writing blog that isn’t different from over a thousand others? Absolutely no one!
So I decided to transform it into a media platform, that suits the interest of everyone who comes on board and an opportunity to express myself more in every core area of  creativity.

Now, this is more than a personal blog. It is a creative community, where people would not be afraid to share their mind blowing creative ideas, as I try my best to fulfill them.

© 2019 Pens and Lenses, Abuja.

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