A Known Fear

The issue of sexual molestation affecting women can never be over exaggerated no matter how many times we talk about it and march down the streets in gazillions to fight against it.

But firstly, I’d like to ask. What is my offense as a woman? I didn’t choose this gender, so why must I suffer for it? In a world where we have more women than men, a world we are supposed to dominate by number, we are now the ones living and cowering in fear. Fear of the known….

Each day, I have to thoroughly analyze every decision I am about to make. I can’t wear a pretty clothe that I like because it is too short and I am afraid that someone would grab my ass in public and blame it on the temptation from showing too much skin.

I can’t go to the club to drink and party like every other man; they would call me irresponsible, try to dance with me and touch me where I clearly don’t want to be touched. I have to be at watch all the time to protect myself. I can’t go to the bathroom for one moment without taking my drink with me; someone is already out there, watching me dance with hungry eyes, looking for an opportunity to drug me.

Now, the most unfortunate of all. I am always afraid to visit a male friend and sleep over. If I am raped in the process, they wouldn’t sympathize with me, instead they would ask me what I had expected from going to a man’s house and make it seem like I begged for the sex. My pictures would be everywhere online, everyone would know me as the victim.

But where the hell is the picture of the rapist?! Why should his own shame be covered?! Shouldn’t there be a law that attracts punishment for a man who touches a woman in public without her consent not to talk of in a private place? Where are the law enforcement agencies?

So I keep living in fear, so that I don’t get hurt and get blamed for it. For being a woman.

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12 Thoughts to “A Known Fear”

  1. Tobi Daniels

    Good one.

    1. Olasunkanmi

      Thanks a lot.

  2. Frontrow

    wow, I must say that this the mind of every lady out there, am impressed keep it coming.

    1. Olasunkanmi

      Thanks a lot.

  3. Tolani Adamson

    Go baby go… I’ll be here every time looking forward to your next writeup. Love you loads

    1. Olasunkanmi

      You’re the best

  4. Caleb Isibor

    Amazing piece

    1. Olasunkanmi

      Thank you Caleb

  5. Mama k

    Nice write up, go ahead my baby God is on your side

    1. Olasunkanmi

      Thank you so much

  6. Adebayo Eniola oluwaseyi

    Good one, God will uphold you

    1. Olasunkanmi

      Thank you so much

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