Cramped Space.

In my entire life span, I can’t count the number of times I have heard the adage ‘No man is an island.’ The person that came up with it, probably died of loneliness. But for me, I love my privacy! Emphasis on love.

Whenever I finally convince myself to go out and have a good time, halfway into the fun, I’m already thinking of crawling back into bed. Especially if the fun includes people I don’t know from Adam. I hate crowds, noisy environments that includes parties, clubs, and society and of course, home.

Are you surprised? Home is supposed to be one’s safe haven. Well, it was, until my three cousins moved in about two months ago because their parents went on a business trip abroad. Now, my house, my bedroom not exempted, has experienced aliens’ invasion.

My cousins are freaking too loud and playful for my liking! They want to stay up all night watching season films and chewing popcorns way too crunchy that my ears bleed. Their own friends come to the house unannounced and sometimes, they sleep over. Imagine a squatter bringing in guests to squat again.

Countless times, I just want to yell and be super mean to them, but already, they have tagged me a loner; I don’t want to add ‘family hater’ to the list. My life is slowly following apart and it’s so sad that no one sees it. I barely get enough sleep anymore. It is beginning to take its toll on my creative life. I mean, where is the peace and quiet I need to illustrate? Will I draw inspiration from the apala kind of music they enjoy listening to?

What do you do when someone invades your privacy?

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4 Thoughts to “Cramped Space.”

  1. Caleb Isibor

    In this situation, I plug in my headset and act no one in the world exists, it’s just me

    1. Olasunkanmi

      I am telling you! Thanks for reading

  2. Anushiem IV

    Story of my life… You can always tell them to pipe it down a bit, but they’ll not agree… best bet, create your own out of bounds space where you can work without noisy intrusions.

    1. Olasunkanmi

      That’s an amazing suggestion. Thanks for reading.

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