An official date was among the list of events Tinuola dreaded the most. It was that time she had to be a proper lady; act like someone she wasn’t. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and gave a small smile which turned sour almost immediately.

This was not just any date. She had dreamt and even prayed countless times for this moment ever since she hit the phase of puberty. Now, at the age of twenty-six, her brother had finally noticed her and even decided to give them a chance.

Her Brother.

Well, they weren’t exactly related by blood. The only memory she had of her own family had faded with time and age, along with the memory of the civil war that tore her away from them in the first place. When all hope had been lost, especially for a three year old far away from home, in a refugee camp, he had picked interest in her.

Since then, both of them were inseparable. With little dirty jobs here and there, he worked his way out of the camp and into town; she by his side every step of the way.

She couldn’t quite remember how he did it or what job changed their lives, but he got them both enrolled in schools and that was the beginning of their great story and relationship. He was practically all the family she had; and remembered.

However, as she grew and her body changed, so did her feelings towards him. He had matured into a very handsome and hardworking man, putting her first in all his choices.

He cared for her so much, it chased potential bachelorettes away. No one wanted a sister in law that stood as a potential competition in a relationship.

Although, she felt bad for him, but she had gotten accustomed to having all his attention to herself.

All those years, she craved for him, for something more than siblinghood, but truth be told, she wasn’t much to look at. She had carved a personality for herself that screamed masculinity. She had believed that to be a female photographer, you had to look the part.

No one was ever going to take her seriously if she appeared for a photography session in a pretty gown and heels. Therefore, she adopted the tom-boy mentality and even extended it to the world outside photography; big shirts, leggings and sneakers were her favorite companions to every event. And if she knew Kelechi well, she would be able to say confidently that he was into girls that were prim and proper. Her dress sense was far from prim and she never acted properly.

Luck had smiled on her one month ago, when he came back home exhausted from the stress of yet another breakup. He had clearly wanted some kind of comfort and so, in his distressed state, he had kissed her.

The kiss had acted as an eye opening potion; finally, he could see her.

It had been weird for both of them at the beginning of the revelation and even rattled their relationship a little. But this was something Tinuola had desired for a long time and she had found a way to convince him that they weren’t out of their minds; that it was meant to be.

The day had finally come when they were to go out, for the first time, as a real couple. She was scared as much as she was excited.

This one date was going to be the future of their relationship. Or the disaster. She glanced around the bedroom; at all the clothes she had flung on the bed in frustration, until a dress caught her eyes.

“That’s the one,” she smiled satisfactorily.

Kelechi sipped his red wine for the third time. As much as he wasn’t trying to get drunk before her arrival, every minute that passed broke his nerve. He couldn’t still wrap his head around how it came to this. She was just a child he had cared for out of pure love. But she was no longer a child; she had grown into an admirable young woman.

And here he was, waiting, for the woman of his dreams.

To be honest, she was someone he had least expected to be with. She was the total opposite of his ideal woman.

But you know what they see about love; it hits you from the direction you’re not looking.

Although, he wasn’t in love with her; at least not yet, he sensed that things were going to work out and for a long term. Come to think of it, no one understood him like she did. No one had ever loved him genuinely except her. Every other woman he had let into his life had just wanted to exploit his riches or his vulnerable heart.

Maybe she was different because she had been his sister, he couldn’t tell. However, this new journey they had decided to embark on would paint a clearer picture of who she really was; as a partner, wife and a mother.

The thought of mother produced some form of sexual heat in his body. Before she had his children, he would have to make love to her. Damn, what he would give to explore that luscious body she had always kept well hidden in piles of ugly looking clothing.

A feminine fragrance messed up his thoughts. He looked up to see her standing over his table, smiling down at him.

The red, deep plunged neckline did nothing to conceal her full, perky breasts. Her shoulders glowed in contrast to the red straps that held the gown firmly. She completed the overall look with her hair swept in a ponytail at the nape of her neck and matte red lipstick.

She looked drop dead gorgeous.

He was short of words. He had never seen her like this, literally. He was dumb until she laughed heartily and she took a seat opposite his.

“Say something,” she bit her bottom lip in anticipation.

Did she just do that? The simple things she was doing unconsciously left him numb.

“You look… Wow,” he managed to stutter.

Although, he didn’t say much, but to Tinuola, he had said plenty. This was the reaction she was hoping to get from him. The dress had worked wonders. She had never thought she was ever going to wear it when her friend gifted it to her for her twenty fifth birthday. Now, it came just in handy.

The night had started on a good note.

He bit one shoulder softly and traced his finger along the other. He raised up his head and his eyes burned with desire as he hungrily appreciated her breasts and pink nipples that had gotten hard from his touch.

“We’ve not gone too far. Do you want this?”

Since he was laying on top of her, he could read every emotion that crossed her face. As she nodded her head in agreement, he didn’t see any regret or doubt in her eyes.

So, he proceeded, with her consent. He traced small kisses over her neck down to her shoulder blades. Her breath came in quicker as he reached her taunt nipples. He teased her with his mouth, flicking his tongue over it a few times. Finally, he possessed it in a long wet kiss.

She dug her nails into his back and ran her hands over his broad shoulders down to his spine. Feeling his every muscle was just as pleasant as she had imagined it. His touch on her body felt even better.

After lavishing enough attention on each breasts, he went even lower, licking every inch of skin from her stomach, to her navel and the upper part of her feminine mold. As a form of reflex action, she held his head back. He looked at her with a concerned frown etched across his forehead.

“First time?” he asked.

She nodded timidly.

“You’re going to like it. I promise,” he smiled at her reassuringly.

So she let him, raising her legs to cuff it around his back, opening her passage to let him explore with his mouth, squirming as his fingers worked her clitoris, increasing the pace.

She began to feel a rush of pleasure, building up as he intensified the rotation on the small soft flesh. With a mind of its own, her body began to vibrate and jerk upward. She cried out in pleasure and he didn’t stop what he was doing.

The night had gone so well, it led to this. For the first time, Tinuola never doubted anything in her life, even though she was about to give up her virginity to the last man she had hoped to take it. But she had kept it all this while, like a priceless jewel, waiting for the right moment.

For the right person.

For Kelechi.

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