The Arabian Rogue – Episode 1

One quick glance at the silhouette of a naked figure, laying on her bed, and Vladlena knew that the time of her death was near.

She had earlier been commanded to take hostage of the stranger, until her father gave another order on the next step to take.

But she had done the most stupid thing unimaginable. Not only had she shared a drink with the Arabian perfection, she had also opened her arms and legs…. and her heart.

Vladlena sat on the rug by the fireplace, with her knees drawn up to her chest, and her arms encompassed them, as she studied her room- the entire apartment- and all she had achieved singlehandedly; two antique chairs facing the window, a large oval mirror, over the head of the king-sized bed and a bedside drawer, made out of oak tree.

Well, it hadn’t been exactly singlehandedly.

She was working for her father. Her job was to harbor kids all around the world, whose fathers were successful businessmen, and make transactions with their families, if they wanted their kids alive, within the shortest time possible.

And in all her twenty six years on earth, and ten years of working alongside her father, she had never come across an easier job.

Except when she really had to kill the children.

Though, one child had stood out. He had the clearest blue eyes she had ever since, and the cheekiest smile, even though he had known he was in trouble.

She couldn’t bring herself to harm him when his parents refused to pay the ridiculous ransom fee. So, she had put him on a plane going to Italy, and hoped no harm came to him.

Vladlena stood up and walked to sit on the window frame, from where she could see the freezing streets of New York City.

As much as she wanted to get lost in the city and accept all it had to offer, she knew her stay there was only temporary. It wouldn’t be long before her father would find another concrete reason to relocate to some other country.

But that was not the problem. She was accustomed to that kind of life.

How was she to explain to her entire clan, that their one time opportunity to be filthily rich, slid out of her fingers, again? All for love?

A soft sleepy moan from the bed interrupted her thoughts.

“Come back to bed,” a female whispered in the dark.

Vladlena laughed softly, but she stood up and dropped the blanket she had, wrapped around her all the while, to the floor, revealing a petite sultry body, white as a snow flake.

She crawled into bed, next to the other woman, and caressed her chin.

‘You’re going to be the death of me.’ Vladlena confessed, as they locked lips and molded bodies into one rhythmic pattern.

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