The Arabian Rogue – Episode 4

‘Sorry, I wasn’t looking,’ Raihana apologized.

‘No, it was my fault, forgive me,’ Jake countered.

Jake Bradford thought he was in a trance. Ever since he had picked up his pen to write the first outline of his third novel, he had gotten the vision of what he wanted the front cover to look like.

Of who should be on the cover.

And here she was.

Thick brown hair. Her skin was the right shade of caramel. Sedating green eyes. Small pinched pierced nose.

He looked lower.

The low neck tank top beneath the unzipped big, brown coat, did nothing to conceal her full breast. He could picture her naked already, all glossy, and posing for the camera, until they got the perfect shot worth brandishing on the book. His book.

He did a quick mental check and realized he wasn’t even attracted to her. Only curiosity got the better of him and he succumbed willingly. Besides, if she was going to be his brand ambassador, he could as well check her out thoroughly.

She was almost too good to be true, and his eyes wandered lower still. Her hands on her stomach.

Henna…. Henna?!

‘You’re married?’ Jake Bradford couldn’t conceal his utmost surprise… or was it disappointment?

‘What are you talking about?’ Raihana frowned.

Spoiler alert, Jake thought. Why did he wonder it out loud?

‘Forgive me once again, but I couldn’t help but notice your hands,’ Jake said

‘Everyone uses henna these days, no big deal,’ Raihana replied coolly, mixed with a slight hint of her Arabian accent.

Jake Bradford sighed audibly. For a moment, he thought his big dream was going to be crashed before he even savored it properly. Think of it, how many Arabian men would approve of their wife preaching nudity? It would have been a waste of such youthful beauty.

‘What? You wanted to hit on me?’ Raihana was tempted to bite her lower lip.

Was she hitting on him?

‘I’m afraid not. I mean you are a beautiful woman, truly. But what I seek from you is far beyond lust,’

This time, she did bite her lower lip… in shame.

‘I’m sorry. I’ve just been going through a lot these days.’

‘Why don’t you have a seat and let’s talk?’

Rihana’s six sensory nerves came alive all at once. Let’s talk… to her, it was the shortest sentence, capable of paralyzing a full grown man. Besides, she barely knew this man, and she wasn’t sure of what to expect. She had heard that there were a lot of crazy people in New York, who posed to be friendly, and she was not going to take any chances.

‘No thanks. I have to go,’ Raihana said hastily and started to walk away.

‘Wait. Please.’

Bradford tried to grab her hand, missed, and in a heartbeat, she was out the door.

Right. Jake Bradford thought. Just before I could tell her my true intentions.

What the hell was he supposed to do now? On one hand was the beautiful woman that just walked out on him; his perfect ambassador, and on the other hand was Stella Madsen; his entire future relied on this one meeting with her.

On a good day, he wasn’t supposed to be in a confused state. Obviously, Stella was the woman he had to wait for. But this other woman- he didn’t even get her name- was priceless too.

What the hell was he supposed to do?!

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