The Arabian Rogue – Episode 6

And so it had to be done. She had played enough games with Raihana. It was time to put a stop to their foolishness and face reality.

Raihana’s father had refused to pay the ransom fee since he didn’t even acknowledge the girl as his daughter anymore. Vladlena knew what came next after this. It was something she had done a couple of times in the past.

Although, she was almost tempted to plead to her father to extend the time, but that would have made her father think she was weak. And she held his opinion high.

Besides, Chuck; her father’s aid, was on his way to assist her with the disposition of the body.

She stood up from one of the antique chairs and adjusted her shorts. She had always opted for light clothing even when it was winter. She went to the bathroom and flooded her pale face with water from the tap.

Then she heard the front door open.

This is it, she thought sadly. But it was great while it lasted.

Raihana’s sweet smile startled her as she came out of the bathroom, and a small lump formed in her throat.

‘Hey. I’m sorry I didn’t get you food, you were right about that place. Total bummer,’ Raihana said as she removed her coat and tossed it on the chair.


‘Miss me?’

‘You bet.’

Raihana closed the distance between them and kissed Vladlena fully on the lip. When she stepped back, Vladlena’s face was paler than ever.

‘Are you okay?’ Raihana asked.

Vladlena stepped away from her. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her presence in the room was threatening. Her touch was causing a turmoil in her head.

‘Yes. I just have a headache,’ Vladlena asked.

‘What do you need?’

‘I need you to be quiet!’

A deafening silence hung in the air.

Vladlena had not meant to yell, but her conscience was nowhere near calm.

‘Hey, I’m a little bit cranky, don’t take it personal,’ Vladlena began to say, when the doorbell interrupted her.

Chuck. Talk about being saved by the bell. There was no going back now. In swift movements, Vladlena crossed the room and opened the door.

‘You followed me?!’ Raihana screeched.

Jake Bradford smiled awkwardly and stepped into the room.

‘You didn’t even give a name.’

‘You led someone here?’ Vladlena asked in a fierce whisper.

She had not expected this. Her relationship with Raihana had been top secret. And it had been a joint agreement between them since both of them were trying to protect their individuality. Raihana was bad luck. She should have known better.

‘I had no idea he was following me,’ Raihana said apologetically.

The last thing she wanted, was to get on her lover’s nerves. Vladlena was pissed enough already. This man’s presence was only going to aggravate the brewing storm.

‘You need to go now, mister,’ Vladlena said, pushing Jake Bradford towards the door.

‘Let me have a talk with her at least,’ Jake Bradford pleaded desperately.

Stella Madsen had called to cancel at the last minute without giving any concrete reason, and so he had followed Raihana.

‘You have nothing to say,’ Vladlena retorted.

‘Let’s give him a chance,’ Raihana said.

Vladlena ignored her and walked to her closet. She picked the first coat on sight and threw it on in a haste.

‘Please say something,’ Raihana couldn’t take it anymore.

The doorbell rang again. It had to be Chuck this time.

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