The Arabian Rogue – Episode 7

Jake Bradford made for the door, but Vladlena pushed past him and opened it.

Chuck’s face registered surprise on seeing Jake . His blue eyes, under the red hair, questioned Vladlena.

‘He was just leaving,’ Vladlena explained.

She took Raihana’s coat, and gave it to her.

‘Put this on. It is going to be a long drive.’

‘Where are we going?’

Vladlena grabbed her purse on the bed. She was feeling really unsettled. Things were not going as planned. She was supposed to convince Raihana that they were going on a romantic trip to see the town, with Chuck posing as their chauffeur for the day. But this stupid man had come. And he would have to pay the price.

‘Where are we going, Vladlena?’ Raihana asked softly.

Vladlena went to her and held her arms.

‘Do you trust me?’

Raihana did. But Vladlena’s actions were beginning to startle her.

‘I do.’

‘Then come with me.’

Jake Bradford was thinking what he had gotten himself into, as he sat in the backseat of the moving vehicle. He had only wanted the best for his book; his one chance to prove to the world that he still had it in him. But what had he gotten in return? A trip to an unknown place, taken as a hostage.

He turned to his right and looked at Raihana. He wondered how many men had sought after this beauty and had been led to their deaths. Judging from her calm demeanor, this wasn’t the first time.

Raihana stared back at him and smiled.

‘She means no harm. Trust me,’ she whispered.

Vladlena looked at her hostages from the rear view mirror, with sad eyes. She should have been prepared for this but she couldn’t come to terms with the love her heart yearned for.

Every bone in her ached for Raihana’s love.

The kind of love that didn’t give a damn about critics or morals. The love that was only understood by the two hearts involved.

But it was too late. She had to do away with her and move on, once and for all.

‘Your father would be happy with you,’ Chuck said, sensing her pensive mood.

Vladlena smiled weakly. It had always been about her father. When was it going to be about her?

Her phone beeped twice and she placed it on her ear.

‘You have her?’ asked the coarse voice.

‘Yes father.’

‘Good girl. Call me when the deed is done.’ He paused. ‘Stay happy baby girl.’

He had always said that to her after every conversation they had, but today, it made more sense to her. All this while, he had been commanding her to remain happy; to do what makes her happy.

‘Yes father,’ she replied with a deep certainty.

And with the speed of light, she opened the glove compartment and pulled out a screw driver. Without thinking, she jammed it into Chuck’s ears several times.

Raihana let out a blood curling scream. Jake Bradford turned white.

And the silver Mercedes spun out of control.

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